3D Research Corp is a professionally managed market research and field survey company headquartered in National Capital Territory Region (NCR) of India. The company aims to provide three dimensional view of any research objective. We provide comprehensive market research and intelligence services which are cost effective & quality based. 3D Research offers high quality marketing research, analysis and consulting services in India and abroad.

3D Research works exclusively with companies looking for a personal guide through the varied cultures in India and Asia Pacific. The professional team of the company helps such clients to connect with the local populace, delivering a unique perspective on the market situation.

With our vast extensive research network, spanning in more than 100 cities in India, 3D Research is excellently poised to enable to reach any target group.

Our Mission

Our aim is to set up new benchmarks for quality in secondary market research by constantly upgrading our existing capabilities. We have over the years, gathered expertise and accumulated invaluable experience and know-how. We remain fully confident of meeting your work requirements.

Our Vision

Being innovative is our key to tackling challenges before us. So, no matter what the mission, your needs are met.

Why Choose Us?

Market Research at 3D Research Corp is an exacting science and a passionate art. We use precise tools and our processes are rigorous. Our interpretation of findings, possess a deep empathy for the context and clear understanding of the issues. Our findings have true meaning that will be of value to clients. We present actual voice of the consumers to the client.

3D Network

3D Research Corp has one of the best infrastructure facilities for field operations and research services in India. We cover all five zones of India - North, East, South, West & Central. Our field heads are familiar with local dialects.

The 3D Research Corp way

We believe in thinking with clients throughout the process from the initial contact to delivery of findings. It does not stop there. 3D Research findings facilitate the whole process from product development to brand fulfillment.

Our difference is in re-thinking things, not just fixing things. Re-thinking means coming out with fresh ideas for old problems. We look for research team who dare to make a strong statement for their profession. They will definitely question client’s preconceptions about research and find ways to rephrase client’s marketing problems.