Qualitative Market Research

3D Research have Best experience in conducting Qualitative Market Research. Our Qualitative Market Research expertise is both well-rounded and deep. Our ability to work with 'typical' methodologies, along with our deep understanding of cultural analysis from our ethnography and immersion work allows us to use creative research methodologies to address each study's unique challenges.

Focus group discussions

Businesses and organizations use focus groups as a qualitative marketing research methodology to understand how people make decisions about – and what factors influence – their use of products or services. Focus groups are an ideal marketing research methodology to employ for:

  • Exploring new product or service ideas
  • Understanding an organization’s brand image
  • Testing effectiveness of advertising and marketing concepts and materials
  • Differentiating competitors’ perceived strengths and weaknesses
  • Gaining insights into purchasing decisions
  • Conducting product testing

Besides focus groups, other forms of qualitative marketing research Market Street Research conducts on a regular basis include one-on-one interviews, in-depth interviews with industry experts or other relevant sources, and collection and analysis of available secondary data such as articles in newspapers, web sites, government documents.

Qualitative Market Research

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