Case Study – Technology Manufacturer (2013)

3D Research Corp. was contracted by a prominent technology-based manufacturer to recruit segmented customers for participation in usability testing (also conducted by 3D Research Corp..) . Utilizing our advanced survey tools, 3D Research Corp. was able to identify previously unrealized market segments and mis-classification of existing segments. The client benefited from more accurate and applicable research, saving countless dollars Rupees in the product development process.

Case Study – Home Entertainment (2013)

3D Research Corp. was hired by one of the largest cable and home-internet providers in the U.S. India to explore current and former customer’s’ feedback about new entertainment platforms.

3D Research Corp. explored how consumers used their current home-entertainment options to identify the features and services that were most important to them. Findings enabled the client to target their product and offerings to what their customers actually wanted instead of what they were used to having, resulting in more, better satisfied customers.